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Confused again

Everyone wants to share his/her feelings just to express it. It might be with the help of poem, text, music, picture or with other things. I think, it is necessary for everyone to share his/her feeling, otherwise it remains again in mind^^ with out getting the solution and same matter will start again asking us for solution as soon as it get chance. So it’s better to express your feelings and confusion.

Today in the morning, when I logged in, I read a quote posted by one website ‚ÄúLove is just a word until you find someone who gives it the definition.” I found it really true fact in this modern world, not in general. It’s true fact because many people around the world talk about love and their story, when they do not have a partner, but after having it, they start to forget the value of value of love or importance of love. At the final, they will start separating from each other, because the love or the relationship could not give the solution for their life. Then, they use to start living single life, They may again try for next relation, but It may not give the real solution for life.

I am not talking about all the people. There are some couples, who are happy in their life having long time relationship. I think, a relationship is firstly personal satisfaction, secondly a understanding each other, thirdly respect each other, fourthly the communication and try to understand the feelings or try to make partner happy with each other or remain positive, do something nice. I think, then a relation works very nicely.

I do not think, someone can find a perfect person of their life, but can find a better person. That’s only things. It might be the case, I believe in the fact that, someone may not be a suitable person or could not find a understanding each other, but I think, as we start our relation, we also start knowing each other. We also start having understanding each other. We also start making something common in life with each other. These things may help to make increase of your love with each other or to make boundary with each other in life.

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Quotes and short Memory of life ” Just to remind”

Sometimes it’s very easy to decide in life, what is wrong or right. You take the help of your knowledge, ideas and thinking. You make decision. The decision might be positive or wrong. If you have positive decision, you will be happy and will have good result. If it’s a wrong decision, that may make you more in problems.

So I am going to write this page just to memorise some quotes, some important things of my life. I can remember that some people have given me wonderful suggestions in my life, Which I can not forget easily. I want to keep them alive in my mind. I should not forget them easily.

Similarly, I can still remember the fact, I have a paper of quotes which I had collected and written by my self, may be it’s more than 5-6 years old, while I was in Kathmandu for my Bachelor study, just to put it on the wall and try to remind these quotes to keep me positive, which is still with me. I use to look it again and again, because it’s still important for me. Sometimes I have collected some quotes but I have loosed them, because I did not have such place, like this wordpress, to collect them.

So quotes and memories are always the path of your life and I have just decided to write this article. I mostly use to read the quotes of George Bernad shah, Benjamin Fraklin, Sweat Marden,Laxmi pradad Devkota( Nepali writer) and so on. So, I will update it again and again. Just have a look for it. Enjoy it. It might be helpful for you too because truth is always truth ^^ you can not ignore it. You are also welcome to write your views and ideas for my text. I will be happy to read them.

You can’t make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it’s no longer a mistake, it’s a choice.

I believe in this fact because I have realized myself in my life too, because we know that something is not good for our life but we do ourselves same mistake again, what we already have done and realized as mistake, which is our wrong habit, but Everyone wants success in life, which is the opposite way, where we do not like to have mistakes. So try to reduce your mistakes ūüėČ

You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly. – Sam Keen

I think it’s true fact, because you can get long lasting relation and love , only if you start thinking positively, that you partner is everything for you or if something is not enough, just think on positive way, every thing can be better or can be done in better way. There is not final solution of something. He/ she has everything , what you want.
These might also be proof for seeing an imperfect person perfectly. The people use to start talking about two hearts being in one heart. Two person are for each other for always or giving everything for someone. Want someone forever of life.

Love is not only something you feel. It’s something you do. ‚Äď David Wilkerson

It’s true because, I think, you can not believe someone, If you do not have proper base to realize something. if you have not meet someone, if someone does not care of you, if someone does not listen your feelings, then there is nothings reason to expect love from someone or The actual love that you get only in real life, if you meet someone in real life and see how she / he reacts. Every things happens by doing not with feelings.

Be courtesy on daily practice.

This is the sentence that I have copied from a book “you can win” written by Shiva kheda. loved it too. Actually it has nice translation in Nepali language.

Sprachlos ist eine Frau nur dann, wenn man sie k√ľsst.

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Incomplete path of incomplete life

I still have many things to write in this blog. I am just waiting for my free time, free mind. So that I can concentrate properly to write a blog in proper Oder, but it’s not being like that, every time I am getting something to do. I am getting some kind of problems. I thought, many of my blog friend might have also been waiting for my blog, so I have started to write…..

It’s the evening time around 9.27 pm, but it’s still not dark. I can still see the things outside. I just got many feelings in this evening. I think of my family. I am ¬†thinking of my ¬†birth place. Somehow I am ¬†also missing my parents. I missing my home country. My strong desire is to devote my life for a social service in my country, try to help my parents. I miss my father all the time.

But¬†nowadays¬†I am far from my¬† birth place,¬†I can not get anything, though I want to have all these things in my life.¬†If I think of life of people from my¬† country and my current life. It’s huge difference.¬† I see that my parents are being old day by day.¬† I¬† would be happy ,if¬†I get chance to help my parents in their daily life.It’s desire of my incomplete life…..

A Video with a nice music content and nice views from my home town.

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A hope with in confusion

It’s also told that everyday is beginning of new life. Everyday can be taken as gift. Today is also Monday. It’s beginning of week. Everybody starts new week with some new plans and thought. I am just starting my Monday after hard working weekend. As I use to work in the weekend. I am always use to get a bit time to think about me and around my world only on Monday. I can use Monday for me also, as I do not have classes.

Sometimes, I feel very happy. I can have good hope, because I see the many nice positive and lovely people from around the world. That makes me to think the fact that there are a lot of nice people in this world that I should do something. I should not give up my hope. Sometimes I always use to have kind of feeling to be in confusion, because I could not get easily, what I wanted, though I was honest and I did my best. Sometimes I feel that I have a lost something somewhere in my life.

It seems there is part of life, which it could make you very happy or sometimes it may make you down. So there is a kind of confusion. So life is like hope and confusion. Sometimes you may hope for something. Sometimes you may get confuse.

I do not know, but sometimes I use to get awesome feelings that makes me really to think, that makes really in confuse. I do not know it might be boring to read for all of you again about the same topic, but I want to share this feeling with all of you.

I may have misunderstood what the love is, what a relationship is, but my heart says that the love is that you accept someone in your life for an intimate relationship, that you can have someone as your partner to go ahead in your life. If I think so, what kind of love and relationship is it?? some people use to divorce after 40 years their marriage life. Some change their partnership with many persons in year or in months or in days. Some pairs separate with each other after making combine property with each other. Is it love or something? Is it relationship or something different? I always use to confuse.

Now I can think one of our famous popular singer Ram Krishna Dhakal, He has song a famous music which tells us that you may meet thousand people in your life, whom you may like, but there will be only one person with whom you can spend your life. Even you spending time crying with the person who is yours, is yours, will be yours forever. There will be a lot of friends in your happiness, but no one will be with you in your sadness or problems. one person, who is your right partner will be only with you. I think, he has told a very true fact. You may see a lot of nice girls/ boys, but it does not mean that you can be in relation with all of them. So we can have one partner or a relation. If you want to listen that music, just have look this video.

You might have been hurt from someone, though you had done your best. I have seen lot of young women in Germany, who have separated from their partner after getting birth of their baby. A woman has to struggle single life with a small baby with out a husband. where is the value of family?? Where is the value of relationship?? where is value of husband wife relationship. Is a relationship for making someone’s life in problem? A young woman of age around 25 could have done something good in her life, if she would not have baby. Why it is happening like this? Why the value of love relation and family is underestimated? Why all the peoples are not serious about this fact? People are being to be afraid to give or take a love easily from someone. People use to start to suspect over someone, before starting loving someone. They start to calculate the love with each other. I do not know how all these problems are with in people? If you have idea or answer of these questions, you are welcome to let me know.

Is a relation is like being with someone for days, months or years? Not for life? Does the relation has only to do only for certain moment or it has to do something for life? Is not it difficult for someone to be separated after being in relation? Is not hard to start new relation after being in relation with someone? Where will value of love, life and family remains, if we start changing relations? I think, these are most challenging question for this modern world. If you ask me personally, I have never think of a short term relationship with me. I always love talking for long term. I can easily fall in love but I have rejected short term contacts. I am always serious in matter of relationship. I do not want to put someone in problem, after being in relation.

During this period of my stay in Germany, I never get people who have feeling like me. I had some contacts from Europe, US and other part of world, but I could not get that feeling, like me, from them. They seem like to be very aware of relation and contacts that’s nice fact, but why they could not be that much serious about these matter. I found many problems with them, as I have written above. I think, It might be due to the fact that I am from different part of world, but there will be only one true fact about love and relationship. How it can work perfectly ? How it can be long lasting?

I think, no one is perfect in this world. Everyone has Problems. So there is only possibility of fact that you can have better partner not perfect one, who will let you traveling in the something different world, who will keep you happy forever your life. Everyone has to do something to get better life. So it’s better to do in life, finding a person, whom you can give trust, whom you can give your love, with whom you can spend your life. With whom you can build up your intimate relationship and try to find the way ahead of this life, Try to understand the world together, Keeping always both heart together.

A woman always wants a man. A man always looks for woman to be completed or to fulfill the personal world. I think, we can always find a way to go ahead, if we want. The love is always with you, if you want. The love can happen with in minute of seeing each other. Your arms may open on your first meet. You can experience a good kiss on your first visit. So it’s only lack of desire, because every heart beats for good partner.

I have also experienced, many people do not believe up on the fact there can not be love with out meeting each other, with out being with each other, They want to have time to know each other, but I do not believe this fact that there could not be love in first contact. Love is always with you if you are aware of your heart. I can agree for the fact that it may need time to be deeply in love with each other.

Personally, I also wish, someone as my partner forever my life. I want to spend my time with someone. I think, being in a relation means, finding a home for settlement, where you can get some hope for new future, where you can get feeling of complete world. A partner is that person, who can be always with you for your each step of life. You can think of her / him at any second of your life. In relation you can hope a new combine life, getting support each other. A relation is good establishment of your life.

So I just to say my partner that, I have feeling that the time with out you is my incomplete world. I want to see my complete world. I want to be in your arms. I want to take your hand go away with you. I want to spend my nights in your arms. I have already realized that there is something for me soon in coming years. I wait for you. I am always under my promises. I always think of you. I think, promises are boundary for a relation. I am happy for that person to welcome in my life. My arms are open. My heart is beating. I can give her my best love and care. My first and last love will be always with you. You are wonderful my dear. I want to experience my love only with your kisses. So now here is one nice Nepali Music for you. Which tells that your name is in my heart. It has also beautiful place for you to live in it. So this heart is yours ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā

Short period of time, but many things came in life

A life is challenging for everyone. Everyone tries to find the better way and go ahead in the life. Everyone use to have some desires and dreams, which is needed to be fulfilled once, otherwise it remains as only desire of my life, if we can not fulfill it, which is sad part. A life, which can fulfill the dreams easily, is a reality, which is real life.

So it’s challenging for everyone to have a sophisticated life. I think a real life, is with more practical events, is more with some successful stories or is struggling to get success with out forgetting his/ her aim. So everyone use to start to praise someone, if she/he can do something successful in life. I think, all the well known persons became popular in this world, because they did something for our society, for our country or for our world. They had converted their dreams into reality, So they are able to remain unforgettable from our mind.

It’s hard for everyone to be successful in life because there are many things in our world, which can divert our mind easily. We may loose our concentration from achieving our aim, so getting a success means a kind of meditation too, so it’s reason why I have talked about importance and need of real life in my last post.

I am talking all about these things, because same things has been happened in my life too. During the period of last two years many things came in my life. Many desires came strongly in my life. I talked with many people. I got many new contacts. I have been hurt by many people. I tried to understand this new world and experience it. I did many new things. Some of them were bad aspects, some of them were good aspects. I do not think, it’s same for everyone. It might be due to the fact that because of my move to Germany, but those were hard days for me.

It’s of course sure that I felt a bit difficulties, but nowadays I do not feel that much difficulties. I have realized my self that I did many things to learn and experience many things. Now, I have learnt a lot of language , I can easily talk with people with out any fear though I still have to learn a lot German language. Many people have told me that I can speak good German that has made me happy. similarly I had not thought that a relation is this much important for everyone. I had not thought that, a relation can be this much complicated and stressful too, though many people are always looking for nice love and relation. I had not thought a family is this much important. I have never missed my family this much before. I have not thought that the life will be this much complicated in developed countries too. All these things are new experience for me.

As I am student, my first priority is also to concentrate on my study. I also had to work. It was hard for me to face all these problems, but I never give up my aim and my desires. I was always worried about my career. I was always willing to learn something new, though I had experienced a lot of bad experiences. I know, I may not have heard someone’s voice and suggestion, but I was looking for the way to go ahead, that makes me happy to find me myself positive for learning something and deal with this life.

If you could not be happy, what you are doing. If you could not follow your aim, you may loose the track of your life. You may have to deal with something different life that you hope.

So I just want to request all of you that, you may also experience same situation like me in your life. I think, the best idea is not to forget your first aim, though you get a lot of your problems or new environment. I think, one important things to remember is that, one should not forget about his/ her past life or past events or past environment. Which may help you to think once, what kind of struggle, you have done in your life. What kind of pain , you were able to accept. What kind of family back ground you have. I think, we need to think once about it. Sometimes, I think about my past, I use to get encourage to go ahead.

You may find rarely some people, who may help you for solving your problems or who will help you personally. A family is always important in such kind of difficulties. I have seen in Germany, mostly all young people use to live out of their home because they want to have their own freedom and own life, being far from family. I think it’s not a good idea, but your problems are always your problems, your desires are always your desires. You should always try to find the solution of them. I was also trying to explain the importance of relation in my last post because a partner in your life can be with you in each and every step of your life, which may always give you more confidence to get through each problem.

It is clear fact that the time never wait for someone It’s always running in it’s own track, so we should keep on following it. Once you miss the track of your life. It might be hard to get it back. It’s not something that I am talking from different world, I have realized it my self. I am also not perfect with all these things. I am still trying to get the right way, but being positive may always help to reach that point where you want.

The trick to get success is that just to concentrate in one thing and finish it and go ahead for next one, but I feel that my mind was concentrating in different field. I knew , I was loosing my time, I was concentrating in different things, but in another way I was trying to fulfill my desires, though it was my mistake.

So, I think the best way, is just try to find your way to go ahead, even you get problems. There might be many things that may come in your life, that may feel important in your life, we always should look for long term achievement. You may loose your track because of short term happiness of life. I think, we should not forget this fact. So I hope all of you will understand, what I mean. Enjoy your life. Make your dreams successful in real life. Best wishes ^^

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Woolwich attack made me to think once again.

It’s a also¬†a reason, why the people are depressing everyday. People could not have been satisfied in their daily life. Everyone do not feel secure life. Many unbelievable incidents are happening in this world, which you can not imagine easily. Everybody¬†are¬†trying to enjoy their life, but they are compelled¬†to loss¬†their freedom.¬†Many things are happening out of your imagination. I do not mean the fact there should not be¬†some bad accidents. It may happen¬†because of some technical¬†, natural or due to some other reasons, which can not be¬†rejected, ¬†but¬† the people are not respecting¬†the humanity. People are dying with out no reason. People have to live their life under the custody of the poverty and hard life because of a some people’s interest.

A person born in this world with full of freedom and with a lot of opportunity , with his open hands, but has to die with a lot of bad depression, with a lot of tears and with out satisfaction. Why it is happening like this ? The world is leading by some group of people, but mostly 80% people are people are out of satisfaction. what is the reason behind this ?

There are some people, who have lived their life happily, it’s only the reason, because of their struggle. In my point of View, everyone has right to live his/her life with out¬†any disturbance. Everyone’s life should be¬†respected because of humanity.¬† Someone’s life should not be in problem, because of some people’s interest or some rules or due to some other reasons.

I just saw a news that¬†a soldier has been killed¬†by Machete in Woolwich, London. Which looks a very terrible attack. One can not easily see the Video. It’s also unbelievable. A person is killed¬†while he was performing his duty. Where is Freedom of living gone? A person is killed using machete by a other¬†person. where is humanity?? How kind of a cruel death it is? A sorrowful death.¬†This weapon mostly used for other purpose. We use this weapon at my work place, If we need to chop out meat.

It is not to blame the killer or victim of attack. A killer has also right to follow his religion, culture. They have also right to live with freedom. A soldier has also right to live his life. Now he is only 25 years old. where is rest 75 years gone? He could have lived 75 years more in this earth. What happened now ?

You can see a report from BBC news, what kind of person he was. He had done a lot of great achievement in his life. He might have some more desires and dream of life. He did not know that his work will lead to death, because he is soldier, working for British government. Now we have lost a him from this earth. It’s a kind full of sorrow ūüė¶ More information about about this attack

We can see in the Video what a attacker is saying that they want to have freedom in their country. They should be left alone.

Source: youtube

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Looking for a real world

Today is 22nd may 2013. It’s being already some months or a year long that my mind is thinking that I need to be serious once again in my life. I got that feeling after coming in Germany that my life has just started. I have just started to see the world. I have just started to realize this different huge world and I also get thinking that my life has just shifted from my childhood to a young or adult life, which has got more responsibility for his own life. Which has given me more responsibility for my society, who has started earning own money by him self for daily expenditure of life, though I am already 26 years old.

Before this I was in close contact with my family. My father was always ready to help me for money. I love him too much. I can still remember the fact he always sent me money for my Bachelor level of study, during my stay Kathmandu. Similarly my brother, Nab raj, who had also supported all the time for money and for other tips and tricks of life. He is one of a wonderful person in this world. He has ideas, how to deal with problems and find solution. I have respect for these two people, my brother and my father, in my life. A family is always important, When nobody is with us, but our parents and other family members will be with us. So we should not forget the value of a family in our life.

Similarly living style of Nepal is not complicated, Nepal is not also that much developed, so the people do not need to deal with a lot of techniques and rules with in their living society. They just have freedom in the life, so they live it happily. You do not need to worry that much and getting stress for your living in Nepal. People are always helpful and kind for helping others. They can give time for other people. You can easily get time from others, if you want time from someone.

As the lifestyle of Germany is more single life oriented. It made me to think about my future life. It made me to think about future job. It made me to think about this challenging world. It made me to think about my hobbies and desires of my life, which I want to fulfill in my life. I just reached in this world, but I still do not need to forget my aim. So I started to think, look for world, where I can full fill my desires. The best way to get tips and have nice contact with the outside world was internet community and the Google become my best friend to give me solution for every kind of problems that I faced. The you tube became my best media for music. Social networking site like Facebook became my best source for contacting others. The internet website became the best source for me to read newspapers. It gave me full satisfaction with my life. I hoped that this internet world was best things that I can use for my further life.
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